What does a blogger do when he has a stinking headache, no ideas, and a commitment to write a blog post? Of course! A lazy list post!

Luckily, it’s a lazy list post that gives a shout-out to people whose stuff I enjoy, so it’s not all bad.

News, roundups and so on

Well, you’ve got to start with The Aperiodical, haven’t you? Home of the Carnival of Mathematics, as well as the occasional round-up of what’s going on in the world of maths.

In a similar vein, Evelyn Lamb’s “Roots of Unity” column at Scientific American is the kind of thing I’d like to write when I grow up.

Maths teachers

Some of the writers that make me think about maths, and give me ideas to steal, are UK teachers. In no particular order:


  • Presh Tawalkar’s Mind Your Decisions - top stuff on game theory
  • Cathy O’Neil’s MathBabe - home of Aunt Pythia and other great advice
  • Pi Guy’s Head Inside - big on mental arithmetic tricks

There are probably a dozen others that ought to be here, but this ibuprofen is wearing off and I need to leave you something to suggest in the comments, no?