In this month’s episode of Wrong, But Useful, @reflectivemaths (Dave Gale) and I discuss:

  • How Dave thinks Baby Bill should learn to count
  • Decimal time
  • McDonalds apple pies - Made 15:26. Ready 15:36 Discard 16:56
  • “School lunch could save you up to £437 a year. Only 1% of packed lunches meet recommended nutritional standards.” [citation needed]
  • @notonlyahatrack (Will Davies in real life) asks what belongs in a D1 taster session
  • Why would a school put a borderline student in the foundation tier?
  • Euclid the game
  • Dave’s new upcoming podcast: Stats on the Road. More details here when it’s launched. Also, @stecks (who is Katie Steckles in real life) and one-time ((so far)) WBU guest @peterrowlett have a new podcast too: Taking Maths Further.
  • The best bit of the World cup (which is now over, obviously) - and predicting it mathematically.
  • A thing about Graham’s Number
  • Dave doesn’t get: why people scribble out their mistakes.
  • Puzzle - $a$ is the highest common factor of $b$, $12$ and $16$. $a \lt b$ What are the least possible values of $a$ and $b$?

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