In this month’s episode of Wrong, But Useful, we are joined by Special Guest Co-Host @jussumchick, who is Jo Sibley in real life. Colin’s audio is unusually hissy in this one, which is why it’s a little late; he apologises for both inconveniences.

We discuss:

  • Jo’s background and work with FMSP, and how she has jumped to incorrect conclusions about statistics.
  • Number of the podcast: $\ln^5(2)$, which is approximately 0.160003
  • Factris and Sumaze
  • Trial and Improvement, and numerical methods
  • New A-level syllabus, technology in teaching, new GCSEs, new Core Maths.
  • Maths in “real life” and Dave’s idea for a new maths virtuosity exam
  • Jo writes comic reviews
  • Conjectures that don’t turn out to be true
  • Which mathematician would you honour with a statue?
  • Dave has been playing Cats n Dogs
  • P vs NP may or may not have been solved.
  • Type I and Type II errors
  • A shoutout to @hnodrog
  • No responses to last month’s puzzle, so no gold stars. And no answer, either!
  • This month’s puzzle ,via UKMT: two brothers and three sisters form a single line for a photograph, but the two brothers refuse to stand next to each other - how many lineups are possible?